Selection and Appointment of Postgraduate Supervisors of the Physical Education College of JLU

SOURCE : TIME:January 6, 2021

1.Basic requirements

1The candidate must support the basic line of the Communist Party of China, be passionate about postgraduate education, and be familiar with the country's policies and regulations on postgraduate education. The candidate shall serve as a good model for others to follow, be able to impart knowledge and cultivate students, and have strong academic ethics and a rigorous academic attitude. The candidate shall strictly perform the duty of a supervisor and have enough time to guide postgraduate students in the university every year.

2The candidate shall be an in-staff teacher, with an associate senior professional title or above, and be under 57 years old.

3The candidate shall have a decided research direction, and the research undertaken shall be of theoretical significance or practical value.

4 The candidate shall be able to perform satisfactory and effective teaching.

5Postgraduate students are not allowed to participate in the qualification review of the recruitment of postgraduate supervisors.

2.Specific requirements

1In the past three years, the candidate must have, as the first author or corresponding author, published one academic paper on teaching or scientific research in Peking University Chinese core journals; obtained at least one national or provincial-level scientific research achievement award; and published one academic monograph or textbook as the chief editor (top two on the list).

2The candidate must have presided over one scientific research project in the past three years and had a research grant of 10,000 yuan for longitudinal study or 20,000 yuan (including 20,000 yuan) and above for cross-sectional study.


Academic Degree Evaluation Sub-Committee of the Physical Education College

September 18, 2015

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