Nearly half of all Canadian and American adults are considered low literate. This means that they can "read a little, but not well enough to fill out an application, read a food label, or read a simple story to a child." 

The economic impact of low literacy is staggering. The U.S. loses $225B every year due to non-productivity in the workforce, crime, and loss of tax revenue due to unemployment. Moreover, an extra $230B in healthcare spending is linked to low literacy.

Yet every one dollar invested in adult literacy yields over $7 in return. And a 1% increase of the literacy rate in Canada would lead to an impact of $18B in economic growth.

Heuristext will adapt the web so it's easier for readers to understand. Imagine Google Translate, but tailored to different reading levels. 

Now we need your help.


We have been accepted into the prestigious Women's Startup Lab starting in November, which comes at a cost of $20,000 CAD. Please help us attend to work with world class entrepreneurs and investors to make the internet easier to understand.

Women only receive 4% of VC funding for startups; despite starting businesses at a rate 1.5x men, despite being 20% more likely to be revenue generating; and despite investors making a 35% higher ROI when they finance female founders. 


Join us in our mission to make online content readable for anyone, anywhere, always. Thank you for your support for us, and all female entrepreneurs out there!


Melissa & Naomi